Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Patience....too Bad it Doesn't Come in Pill Form

I could probably post this on my other blog as well.....but one post will suffice.

So, my back is still giving me grief.

I tried to go back to work yesterday. That did not go as I had hoped. I made it nearly 2.5 hours before I couldn't stand the pain anymore.

I broke down and went over to the Emergency room ( getting in to see a family doc here is near to impossible. Mine books months in advance I have found). The doctor there poked and prodded, checked things out, and had a wee chuckle when I asked if being a klutz was an actual medical condition ( he said no).

I ended up leaving with a note saying I couldn't work until Thursday, and a bunch of prescriptions to fill. Muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory, steroid, and T3. ( I did not fill the T3. I don't like them, and they don't like me.)

I'm sleeping a lot, eating too much, and generally feel like a big old lump.

I hate that something so silly has knocked me out so badly.

Then the what-ifs creep in....

*What if I can't run our final race for the local series here in September?
*What if this injury affect my recovery for my upcoming surgery? ( I have no basis for this one)
*What if.....what if I can't get back to work?

My wise friend and my wonderful husband keep telling me just to be patient and let my body heal.

Let me tell you, on these meds, there is no choice for me but to rest.....I keep falling asleep!

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