Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some True Cliches

It's easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day, to feel overwhelmed by all the things that seem to pile up....these things that seem so very important. They are to some degree. I mean, the little things, they all knit together and are what make up our lives.
What I'm talking about is the worrying about the things you have or don't have. Comparing yourself, your life to that of others, thinking you don't measure up. It sucks the joy out of you.

Why the moderately cliche ramblings?

Someone our family cares about a great deal lost his Mom yesterday.

It's unexpected, and heartbreaking. This family loved her so very much. I wasn't lucky enough to have met her myself, but I have heard that she really was a lovely and loving woman.

I can barely fathom how they all must be feeling this morning. My stomach gets tied up when I think of how I would feel.

When someone you care about experiences a loss, it does make you sit back and take stock. Makes you want to reach out and hold your own a little tighter. (Harder when there are miles between you, but virtual hugs are good too).

It inspires me to let go of some negative crap that's been weighing on me (literally and figuratively). There have been some big changes around here. Time to appreciate them instead of worrying about them.

I do wish there was something  we could do.

---->Update on What's been going on.

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